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Cambodia Music and Cultural Tour

Cambodia Music and Cultural Tour

Date : 3 July 2018 - 7 July 2018


Ten girls from P.5 and 6 went to Cambodia from 3rd to 7th July 2018. They have visited different places to learn more about the culture of Cambodia. They went to Khmer Ceramics revival to learn making pottery. They have learnt about the religion and history of Cambodia through visiting Angkor National Museum and Siem Reap War Museum. They have also visited different temples in Angkor Wat, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, National Silk farm of Poul and Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity.


Besides these meaningful visits, the highlight of the trip to Cambodia was to let the girls share their musical talents and enjoy music together with the local students in Cambodia. They have spent three days in Xavier Jesuit School to interact with the local students, aging from kindergarten to secondary. Not only have they conducted lessons to share musical knowledge, they have also enjoyed singing and playing musical instruments together with the local students. The girls have also performed excerpts of Musiphany with the collaboration of some local students in Cambodia. It was certainly a memorable experience for the girls. It was also touching to see how the local students enjoy performing on stage and could shine on it.


Throughout the preparation and the trip, the girls have learnt not to take but to serve with their hearts. They have learnt to show their love and care through actions and are grateful for all they have.