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Japan Trip to Izu and Itoigawa

Japan Trip to Izu and Itoigawa

Date: 11th - 18th Nov, 2018


From November 11th to 18th, sixteen P4 and P5 students, accompanied by staff members from Marymount Primary School, went on an Ecology trip to Izu and Itoigawa in Japan.


The students had the honour to serve as Hong Kong ambassadors to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the sister relationship between Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark and Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark.


In the trip, the students got opportunities to understand the Japanese culture through local student exchanges during school visits. They learnt about the history, heritage and geology of various Geosites. Most importantly, they got to embrace and learn more about the beauty of Mother Nature out of the classroom.


We hope that through this trip, the students can bring the spirit of their love and care for the environment back to MPS for the Year of Care.