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Primary Schools Debating Tournament

Primary Schools Debating Tournament 2019


On 11th May, some of our P.6 girls participated in the 6th Primary Schools Debating Tournament at St. Joseph’s Primary School. After two rounds of vigorous debates (with 1st Motion on ‘All students must do daily chores at school” and 2nd Motion on “Tablets should replace textbooks in schools”), our girls managed it through into the finals, and took home the Championship! Norah Chan from 6B also got the “Favourite Debater Award”.

Well done to the debating team and all the other P.6 girls who were involved in the preparation!


P.6 English Debating Team members:

First Speaker: 6D   Cheng Yu Ting, Eunice

Second Speaker: 6B    Chan Alexandra Norah

Third Speaker: 6C    Wong Meghan 

6A     Chan Andrea Cheuk Yin

          Lau Gina Sum Yi

6B      Kwok Hin Tung Hilari

           Lai Tsz Yiu Anke

           Pang Nicole Christie

           Wong Hoi Lam Chloe

6D      Au Cheuk Yi Cherry