School Profile

Our Mission

Our mission is to create in the school a cherishing and challenging atmosphere that facilitates the holistic development of students in areas such as the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic. The school is a happy place for studying and learning, a place the students would like to identify with and be proud of.

According to our Catholic and cultural traditions, the school seeks to provide the setting and opportunities for the formation of Christian values and attitudes, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills, so that our students become reflective and considerate.

Through a balanced curriculum and varied functions, the school aims at fostering the students to become responsible citizens, who are sensitive to the needs of others and who will fulfil their role in building a just and compassionate society.

In the spirit of openness and close co-operation built on mutual trust, respect and appreciation of the distinct roles of one another, the Management Committee represented by the Supervisor, the Principal and the Staff work together for the common goal of providing quality education for the students.