Pastoral Care

Code of Respect

Guidance and Formation Team

The Mission of GF Team


To give constant care to our students, look after them and guide them to the right direction.


To help our students to form positive values and good character.

The Roles/Duties of GF Team

  • to assist the school head in developing a school guidance and discipline policy;
  • to organize programmes or activities to arise students’ awareness of good behaviour and positive values;
  • to handle administrative matters relating to student discipline work;
  • to liaise with outside organizations and agencies concerned and coordinate their services to strengthen school guidance and discipline work;
  • to assist teachers in managing students with behavioural/emotional problems and do the follow-up work;
  • to collaborate with parents of students with behavioural/emotional problems in helping the students overcome their difficulties;
  • to refer students wherever necessary, to the school social worker or EP for follow-up work.

Code of Respect

  • Respect for School
  • Respect for Self
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for Property
  • Respect for the Truth
  • Respect for Learning
  • Respect for the Environment

Respect is the essence of good discipline. It is an attitude that begins at home, is reinforced in school, and is applied through life.

Code of Respect has been developed in order to help the students of Marymount Primary School be “Respectful”, “Responsible” and “Reflective” learners by demonstrating appropriate behaviour which is the expectation of our parents, school and community.